Thursday, October 10, 2013

AP - A Practical Solution for the crisis

Just before Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna in Mahabharata alerts Dhritarashtra:
సారపు ధర్మమున్ విమల సత్యము పాపము చేత, బొంకుచే ...

loosely translated:
When things are about to go wrong, capable people should not stay silent.
If they do, then the happenings will eventually burn them too...

So, here are some practical steps that our capable politicians should explore to solve the current crisis.

0.) Forget the history. All political parties played opportunistic till date. Come clean. Start afresh.

1.) With the current state of affairs, T is inevitable. But a consultation/convincing of SA is also required.

So, announce a time bound consultation process.
At the higher end, it can be a 10 years moratorium on T (instead of a 10yr shared capital)...
at the lower end, let it be the next 6 months before the 2014 elections.

But, let the government reach out to bring people to the table.

I prefer a 10ys moratorium, as that is what proposed for a shared capital & that is what required for the rest of the items below.

2.) during these 10 yrs, develop 3 cities, one each in three regions to address the development concerns...that will reduce the affiliations towards Hyd

3.) ensure enough academic, industrial, agricultural growth in all 3 regions...that will ensure Jobs in the local regions & reduce the affiliations towards Hyd. We can have Surat, Baroda & Anand in AP

4.) implement the river inter-linking, with a garland canal... in whatever portions it is possible.. that will alleviate the water fears

5.) during the 10yrs, form the ever pending states reorganization committee (SRC) and review all the pending states requests... that will suit the SA's demand that a fair process is followed

6.) let the SRC propose a standard procedure for creation of new state. The current constitutional provisions are detrimental to the federal structure of India. The way congress proposed AP bifurcation, one day (if it has enuf numbers in parliament) it can even propose the same for say, Gujarat.. that Gujarat be divided into 2.

7.) Have checkpoint discussions, arrive at consensus on bifurcation, decide on the new capital and start handing over from... say, 8 years from now.. At any checkpoint, if consensus is for United AP, let that be...

8.) There can be many more such confidence building & consensus measures. At the end, all stakeholders should prosper and be happy. That's what everybody wants.

In the current political arena, the above charter suits to BJP. 
They can stick to their commitment to T, at the same time, they can gain in SA by proposing a time bound consensus process. They would make big gains in the SA.

Is Modi listening?

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