Thursday, September 16, 2010

విట్రియల్ కి కొన్నాళ్ళు విరామం

work, home, phd submissions, trading/stocks, pending business plans, guitar, readings/hobbies...... cant take more :(

will be back soon.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

AP Congress - A Tale of Two Mothers

One mother wanted to see her son as the next PM of India. The other wanted her son as the next CM of AP. But, Going by the current developments, only one can win!

As the story develops, congress high command is all set to throw Jagan out! It will be interesting to see this event & the reaction from Jagan's camp.

Congress high command is courting KCR's TRS for its foothold in Telangana districts. It is joining hands with Chiranjeevi's PRP for the rest of the AP.

While the Telangana picture is not clear, it is for sure going to loose heavily in Coastal districts. Firstly, Chiranjeevi himself couldn't impress in the last elections. Second, Jagan & cadre are holding the voters tight. Third, there is a talk that disgruntled PRP & TDP leaders are joining hands with Jagan.

AP is the only southern state where Congress has a decent presence. So, congress high command can not afford to mess with it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tenali Ramakrishna Poems - Meaning

This entry has reference to a blogger's article on the story of Tenali Ramakrishna at This is for those who wanted to know the meaning of that poem.


Once, a poet, Narasa challenged Krishna Devaraya’s court that he can find faults in anybody's writings & he can write (with NO breaks for hours) when someone recites

Tenali Ramakrishna defeats him by reciting a poem that the poet Narasa could not write, and ridicules him for his other skill of finding faults in others’ poetry.

Here is the poem and its meaning:

త్పృవ్వట బాబా .....తల పై
పువ్వట జాబిల్లి..వల్వ బూదెట ...చేదే
బువ్వట... చూడగ ళుళుళు
క్కవ్వట... అరయంగనట్టి హరునకు జేజే

The beauty of this poem is that, parts of it are just made up with "Sounds" that can not be written properly. Thus Narasa failed & Tenali Ramakrishna won.

Telugu literary experts can note the Shabda Alankaras in it - the repetition of "అట" at the end of every statement. "అట" is like saying, "you know"


బాబా = Vehicle
త్పృవ్వట = తృవ్వ్ + అట = Bull (actually this is the sound that a sheppard makes to goad the cattle. Note that the word తువ్వాయి (calf) comes from such sound)

తల పై పువ్వట జాబిల్లి = Moon is like flower on his head (simple)

వల్వ = On the Body
బూదెట = బూది + అట = Ash

చేదే = Bitter (Poison)
బువ్వట = బువ్వ + అట = Food

చూడగ = To look after
ళుళుళు క్కవ్వట = Nobody.. He has no parents to take care of him.
(This is a sound you make when you play with kids and hide something and tell them that it disappeared. Something like హుళక్కి)

So, put together:
Bull is his vehicle, Moon is like a flower on his head, he sports ash all over the body, he swallowed poison, and he is the origin of the universe.

now the last stanza:
అరయంగనట్టి = The one who is flourishing like that
హరునకు = To Lord Shiva
జేజే = Glory!!

హరునకు జేజే!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Indian Cinema & Piracy Menace

Tollywood went on a hunger strike seeking justice against the piracy menace.

Piracy has been a growing threat to the already crippled industry. Last month, a Tamil movie “Jaggubhai” was out in the market, even before it was released.

This time, Industry came together in the three days of protest in Hyderabad

Finally, the cinematography minister Geeta Reddy announced that “strict laws will be imposed” against piracy.

On the sidelines of this agitation, many educated bloggers went on showing their dirty minds by supporting piracy, calling piracy as a joke, justifying piracy in light of increasing prices/expenses of common man.

All these arm chair thinkers have no respect for a legal framework which they are all expected to abide with. Above that, none of these armchair thinkers have a coherent line of thought. They raise all other problems of the world and preach lessons to film people

AP government’s response on this issue may not completely solve the piracy problem. But it will make our fellow bloggers realize that they are living in a just society.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rayala Telangana - The Catch-22

JC Diwakar Reddy's proposal for Rayala Telengana and the reasons that he cited for the same are absurd and just show the stupid mindset of politicians.

JC & co think that, if Hyderabad goes to Telangana, then why to doom with the rest of the Andhra?

Joseph Heller's Catch-22: conversation between protagonist Yossarin & his boss, wintergreen:


'What would they do to me,' he asked in confidential tones, 'if I refused to fly [the missions]?'

'We'd probably shoot you,' ex-P.F.C. Wintergreen replied.

'We?' Yossarian cried in surprise. 'What do yo mean, we? Since when are you on their side?'

'If you're going to be shot, whose side do you expect me to be on?' ex-P.F.C. Wintergreen retorted."

[snip ends...]

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