Sunday, August 29, 2010

AP Congress - A Tale of Two Mothers

One mother wanted to see her son as the next PM of India. The other wanted her son as the next CM of AP. But, Going by the current developments, only one can win!

As the story develops, congress high command is all set to throw Jagan out! It will be interesting to see this event & the reaction from Jagan's camp.

Congress high command is courting KCR's TRS for its foothold in Telangana districts. It is joining hands with Chiranjeevi's PRP for the rest of the AP.

While the Telangana picture is not clear, it is for sure going to loose heavily in Coastal districts. Firstly, Chiranjeevi himself couldn't impress in the last elections. Second, Jagan & cadre are holding the voters tight. Third, there is a talk that disgruntled PRP & TDP leaders are joining hands with Jagan.

AP is the only southern state where Congress has a decent presence. So, congress high command can not afford to mess with it.

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