Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Poverty Line Politics

While critics are targeting MontekSingh Ahluwalia on his new Rs 28/- a day poverty line, there is a different perspective that many are ignoring.

For a family of 4 (with a single wage earner + spouse + 2kids), the poverty line of Rs 28/- a day means that the family has an income of Rs 3360/- per month (that is 28/- X 4 members X 30days)

Doesn't that look to be acceptable?

For instance, one of my classmates works as a clerk in a small town and earns 8000/- per month. He takes care of 5 dependants (2 parents + wife + 2 kids). So, in their family, the earnings are 44/- per-person per-day. He has a decent life & doesn't consider himself as below-poverty-line!!

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